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High Impact Management Consulting


Nothing is simple anymore. Your operating environment is faster, riskier and more complex.

You do not have to go it alone. You do not have to reinvent the wheel.

What can we contribute?

Knowledge + Experience + Common Sense + Integrity

Management Consulting

Management consulting combines knowledge and perspective. Consulting allows an objective outside view of your issues and problems.

Most owners and managers can only be focused on a single entity, an experienced consultant has seen numerous situations and multiple solutions.

Consultants learn from experience and use that knowledge to serve you.

Health Care Management Consulting

Our specialty!

In the turbulent environment of the modern health care organization, there is precious time to analyze operations or think long-term. The busy-ness factor tends to overwhelm your time and energy.

Our principals have a combined six decades in health care operations and consulting, and are anxious to share knowledge and perspective to improve your organization.

Document Management

Most organizations run on documents, lots and lots of documents.

We have added document management capabilities to our services, in order to maximum our value and to fill a need for document management technology.

How you create documents, the content and form of your documents, and the storage and archiving of documents are all factors in the cost and efficiency of your operations.

We can perform document consulting and management services for a wide range of businesses, especially those drowning in paper.

See the tab Documents Management for assistance with the mountains of documents you create and store.