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The “business” of health care can overwhelm the practice of medicine.

Just getting paid can be a horrible ordeal. Many practices are buried in paper.

Hassles are increasing, incomes are decreasing.

How do you cope?

With focused, competent consulting help.

Other Consultation Services Provided By
The Ealey Group, LLC

Strategic Issues Financial Management
  • Organizational and governance issues
  • Recruiting and retirement planning
  • Physician compensation/contract models


  • Compensation models
  • Financial and statistical reporting
  • Cash flow planning
  • Budget models
  • Pro formas
  • Profit/cost center accounting
Compliance Human Resources
  • Revenue cycle audits
  • Timeliness of billing, timeliness of follow up
  • Design and implement a compliance plan
  • Monitor external billing companies
  • Policy and procedure
  • Regulatory compliance
  • Wage and benefits consulting


HIPAA Strategic and Change Management
  • Policy and procedures
  • Privacy regs and security regs
  • Compliance testing
  • Document management
  • Information and records flow
  • High tech document and information solutions
  • EMR planning
  • Mergers and acquisitions
  • New construction, lease negotiations
  • Crisis management










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