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The Paperwork Mountain

The paper chase never ends. Operational and regulatory requirements for record management continue to multiply almost as fast as your records.

There are both high tech and low tech solutions to records management issues, and we can offer suggestions and solution for most situations.

We use high–tech software and hardwire to create compact digital archives of any kinds of paperwork, and can offer various levels of sophistication to meet your needs.

Good record management begins before the record is created, and ends with a secure and cost effective archive.

Speaking of archives, over the past few years millions of records have floated into the Gulf of Mexico, floated down the Mississippi, or burned in raging firestorms.

For health care providers we are experienced in HIPAA privacy and security procedures, in all phases or your operations and record management.

When the Paper is Retired

Secure confidential shredding is necessary for any paperwork containing confidential information. We can fill that need, on a regular or occasional basis.



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